VE Testing Sessions are held every 3rd Sat. at 8:30 am Betcha Bingo #2 2420 Irving Blvd Irving, TX You will need:

  •   2 forms of identification – one must include photo
  •   Pencils or pens (black or blue)
  •   Your current Amateur Radio License (if you have one) and a copy of same to file with your application; your CSCE; and a copy of same, if you have completed relative elements at a prior session
  •   W5YI $14.00 exam fee –cash, correct change please
  •   ARRL $15.00 exam fee—cash, correct change pleaseContact for further information

    Doyle Taylor 972/579-9089 or Dennis Riise 972/255-8187.
    See for more details and a map.