Short Review:
Baofeng BF-888S
Let’s get the adjectives out of the way – inexpensive, available, simple, limited. Those words describe the Baofeng BF-888s, a 70CM monoband HT available from for $11.70 each. They are not field programmable (this is a plus in some situations), exceptions being the voice prompt, language, and scan functions. Channels can be only programmed via Chirp (remember, download ONLY from – anywhere else is risky) and a Kenwood/Baofeng cable, also available from Amazon or other retailers like HRO, Grapevine Ham Radio, and MTC. Programming from Chirp is simple with the proper cable – read from the radio, enter the frequencies, power, and tones as necessary, and upload. I turn off the alarm function because it is annoying, and the FM function because it is unnecessary. I leave on the voice prompts because the numbers around the channel knob are hard to read. Scanning is possible – turn to channel 16, then press the PTT and MONI (top orange button) at the same time. Turning off scan is the same procedure.  Most importantly, they work, and if you lose one, replacement costs are very low. —Lance KE5YCJ