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Jamboree On The Air:

** October 17, 2015

Scouting and Ham radio have a long history. This year marks the 58th Jamboree on the air, a worldwide event that puts Scouts in contact with Scouts via Amateur Radio The Irving Amateur Radio Club Inc. is pleased to be a supporter of Scouting and especially Jamboree on the Air. The JOTA program at the National Scouting Museum features not only HF Voice and PSK31 but also UHF IRLP and local contacts. We also provide ancillary activities. We use as many volunteer’s help as we can get to make JOTA a success so please contact Tom Schuessler N5HYP, IARC, Inc. member at for more information and to sign up. Set up is the evening of October 16, 2015 and continues at 6:00AM on Saturday the 17th of October. JOTA program runs from 10A-5P.

Scout Museum Address:

1329 W Walnut Hill Ln.
Irving, TX 75038-3027

Radio Merit Badge Class:

The Radio Merit Badge is a great opportunity to introduce Scouts Many facets of our hobby.  The IARC offers two to three day long Radio Merit Badge courses at the National Scouting Museum.  While not a licensing course, the RMB provides Scouts with an introduction to many topics related to Radio such as how do radio waves travel, How call signs are given out and how to tell where a station is located by those call signs, some basic electronic concepts and how to use amateur radio in an emergency situation.  A highlight of the day is giving these Scouts the opportunity to make real on the air contacts via either HF or V/U communications.

Scout Museum Address:

1329 W Walnut Hill Ln.
Irving, TX 75038-3027

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