On Monday Oct 8th, The Richardson Wireless Klub will give a presentation on Mobile Radio Installations. They asked us to pass along the below information regarding this event to our members in case they wish to attend and/or even participate in some of their planned activities.

Activities will consist of the following:

We will kick-off at 6pm with a mobile “show and tell” session in the St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church parking lot. All interested hams are invited to bring their vehicles, share their experiences, and show-off their handiwork.

A “coffee and cookies” social hour will run from 6pm to 7pm simultaneously with the “show and tell”. All hams and their guests are welcome to enjoy coffee and cookies while they mingle.

There will also be a vehicle on-hand from the Richardson Police Department so that interested hams can see first hand how the RPD handles mission critical mobile radio and electronics installations.

Finally, as part of our general meeting, Bill Caldwell, AC5BC will be making a formal presentation on mobile ham installation tips and tricks. Topics covered will include eliminating RFI, mounting radios and antennas, wiring, and more.

Time and location details are:

WHEN: Monday, 8-Oct-2018, 6pm to 9pm

WHERE: St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church, 1220 W. Beltline Road, Richardson, Texas 75080-5801
(West of Central/US75 and east of Coit Rd.). Park in the parking lot on the North side of the church.

FOR MORE INFO: www.k5rwk.org

We hope you pass along the above information to your interested club members and we look forward to welcoming everyone at 6pm, October 8th, for this event.

John Di Filippo, AF5MN
President, The Richardson Wireless Klub