Programming the Baofeng UV-82 for the Irving WA5CKF 146.720 repeater:

In this example, I will use memory channel 70, but you should use whatever free channel you want or any channel you want to overwrite. Other than the number keys, we will use the MENU, EXIT/AB, UP, and DOWN keys. (See blue and pink boxes on picture.)

  1. Switch radio to VFO or frequency mode. (Turn radio off, hold menu key down, and while holding MENU key down, turn radio on). If you have voice prompts on, frequency mode will be announced. If not, if there are no channel #’s on the right, you are in frequency mode. (See yellow box on picture).
  2. Use the EXIT/AB key to select the upper display. There is a small triangle to the left of the frequency; if the arrow is next to the top frequency, then the upper display is selected. (See red box on picture)
  3. Turn off dual watch (TDR). Press the key sequence MENU-7-MENU, select OFF with the up key, MENU-EXIT/AB. If dual watch is off, there will not be an “s” in the top line of the display. (See green box on picture.)
  4. Delete prior data from your chosen channel. This is good practice every time. Press the key sequence MENU-2-8-MENU-0-7-0-MENU-EXIT/AB.
  5. Enter the output frequency (the frequency you hear and know the repeater by) for WA5CKF: 1-4-6-7-2-0
  6. Set the PL or CTCSS tone for transmit: MENU-1-3-MENU-1-1-0-9-MENU-EXIT/AB
  7. Enter the transmit frequency shift: MENU-2-5-MENU, use the up/down arrow to select the minus sign, MENU-EXIT/AB.
  8. Set the repeater offset: MENU-2-6-MENU-000600-MENU-EXIT/AB.
  9. Set the receive frequency in memory: MENU-2-7-MENU-0-7-0-MENU-EXIT/AB.
  10. Reverse the receive and transmit display temporarily: *SCAN (See pink box on picture.)
  11. Save all of the above: MENU-MENU-0-7-0-MENU-*SCAN-EXIT/AB-*SCAN.
  12. Switch back to memory (aka channel) mode by repeating step #1.
  13. Select the memory channel you saved to in step #11 (070 in my example) by using the up/ down keys, or typing 0-7-0 (or whatever memory channel you used for this exercise).
    —Lance KE5YCJ – Source: See this site for more information on programming the UV-82 and other radios.