As you may already be aware, the bulk of our repeater upgrade/update project was completed a few days ago, but some work still remains.

When the three club repeaters were brought down, reconfigured, and re-racked, we apparently introduced some problems into the repeaters that were not detected when the repeaters were tested while standing next to them, it was only when outside users attempted to use our repeaters that the following were noted:

The 2 Meter repeater has some extended ‘hang time’ after each transmission. It is safe to use the 2 meter repeater, the extended/continuous transmission times/duty cycle will not harm the repeater.

The 1 1/4 Meter repeater is ‘deaf’ – while it worked when the workers were standing next to it, it seems the repeater is not picking up remote signals.

The 70 cm Repeater is functioning properly.

For the next few days the above issues are expected to remain uncorrected. Users are encouraged to consider QSYing to the 440 Repeater, as we may not – for various reasons – be able to address these issues until Sunday.

Nets and other third-party users are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to exercise their contingency plans, or develop one if they do not have one.

The repeater hardware appears fine, we believe the issues are likely due to the re-organization of repeater equipment.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and promise to work these issues to resolution as soon as possible.

Ken Hansen, N2VIP
President, Irving Amateur Radio Club, Inc.